Chef JJ

Chef JJ December 01, 2016

3:00 PM

Chef JJ, Indianapolis, Indiana
Egg 101 - Pulled Pork

After serving as an Executive Chef in restaurants for over 15 years, Chef JJ Boston recognized a void in client dining. The missing element was the ability to host a customized event in which the focus was solely on the client experience. In 2004, Boston started his personal chef business hosting events in clients’ backyards. The popularity of these events led him to open Chef JJ’s Back Yard in Broad Ripple in 2009. Because of the overwhelming demand for ticketed public events and private event dates, Chef JJ Boston decided it was time to expand and open a second location in downtown Indianapolis. Chef JJ’s Downtown opened in June 2015.

In addition to being a small business owner and entrepreneur, Chef JJ Boston has been doing grilling demos for Eggfests for over a decade. Based in Indianapolis, he started his personal chef business in 2004 and was introduced to the Big Green Egg while hosting private grilling events in client’s backyards. Since then he has become the only small business in the world to have a dual designation with Big Green Egg; Authorized Gold Dealer and Culinary Partner.

Chef JJ’s Back Yard and Chef JJ’s Downtown are not restaurants. They are unique dining experiences where guests interact with the chef and learn new grilling techniques through classes and special events.

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