Rob Lippincott

Rob Lippincott September 02, 2016

10:30 AM

Rob Lippincott, Owner, Guero's Taco BarAustin, Texas
Red Fish on the Halfshell
Beer Pairing: Austin Eastciders Original Cider


Inspired by the authentic Mexican cuisine he encountered during his trips to Mexico, co- owner of Güero’s Taco Bar, Rob Lippincott, along with his wife Cathy Lippincott, purchased the once existing Central Feed & Seed Store and transformed it into Güero’s Taco Bar. The Lippincott husband and wife team have come a long way since they opened their doors to  Austin over thirty years ago.

Born in South Bend, Indiana, Lippincott moved to Houston at the age of ten and made his way to Austin, TX in 1966 to attend the University of Texas. During his time in Austin, Lippincott quickly discovered that this city was the right place for him to start his life, family and career. When Lippincott met his wife and business partner, Cathy, their combined adventurous spirit led them to extensive travels in Mexico. It was during their travels that they decided to open up a Mexican restaurant with a hint of Tex-Mex in Austin. The bar area is even designed to replicate the old cantinas that they visited during their travels to Mexico.

Lippincott left from the University of Texas in 1966 and continues to keep a strong relationship with his fellow alumni. In 2015, Lippincott received the Kappa Sigma Tau Man of the Year, an award honored by the Tau Trustees recognizing accomplishments among their fellow men and their loyalty to the Kappa Sigma and Tau Chapter. Prior to opening his own restaurant, Lippincotts’ work experience certainly runs the gamut. He was the personal assistant to Oveta Culp Hobby (the first secretary of the U.S Department of Health, Education and Welfare), an account executive at Baldwin, Lloyd, Kurtz and Handkammer and a real estate agent.

Similar to his wife, Lippincott enjoys working in a city where he fits in and can spend ample time in his restaurant with his two daughters Lyle and Bette. Contrary to most other local restaurant owners, Lippincott embraces the current restaurant scene stating that he, “likes all  the new places. Competition is a good thing.” When not at work, Lippincott enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and golfing.

Lippincott has also been involved in real estate development. Penn Field a sixteen acre mixed use development, The 04 a 35,000 square ft. mixed use development. And various small housing developments.

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