Cooks and Cook Team Information

Hey Eggheads! We're looking forward to our biggest and best Texas Eggfest ever! Through our partner BBQ Outfitters, 30+ Big Green Eggs will be available for purchase so let your friends and family know. Also, if you have buddies who want to join in the fun, please let them know there are still opens slots for teams. To become an Official Texas Eggfest Team, email us at, or call 512-569-8510. Please have the following information ready: 



BBQ Outfitters will provide plates, napkins, sporks, serving cups, etc. We’ll try to have enough for everyone but you may want to pick up a few back ups.

Tents and Tables

We would greatly appreciate it if you could bring tables, chairs and tents for your use. BBQ Outfitters will have some tents for those who don't but these are LIMITED so if you are not able to bring these items, let us know and we can try to make them available to you. Each team will be given a 6' table. Please accommodate if you need more. 

Sampling and Recipes

Please count on providing 500-600 samples. Some teams do more. It would be greatly appreciated If you could provide a copy of your recipes for those who want to replicate your amazing concoctions.


We are doing a "secret taster" contest with 4 different teams winning some awesome Eggfest prizes. We will also be doing a one person, one vote crowd favorite. 

Other info and requests

Camp Ben McCullough does offer camping. There are endless lodging opportunities in the Austin, San Antonio, and Hill Country areas. Book early as there’s lots of stuff happening that weekend. Not that we need to ask, but please conduct yourselves appropriately. We want you to have a good time, but keep in mind this is a very family friendly event. We’ll do a meet and greet on Friday the 26th. More info to follow.