Cooks and Cook Team Information

Hey Gang! It’s Bob Carroll and we’re looking forward to our biggest and best Texas Eggfest ever! We're selling 50 Big Green Eggs so let your friends and family know. Also, if you have buddies who want to join in the fun, ask them if they want to put together a team. Most of you are old hats at this, but just as a refresher, we'll cover a few basics.To become an Official Texas Eggfest Team, email us at, or call 512-956-9559. Please have the following information ready: 

Team Name:

Team Members (Max. 5)

Phone Number

Email Address

Number of People Attending Meet and Greet

2018 Texas EggFest Registration


BBQ Outfitters will provide plates, napkins, sporks, serving cups, etc. We’ll try to have enough for everyone but you may want to pick up a few back ups.

Token of Appreciation

BBQ Outfitters will provide a $100.00 gift card to HEB to help absorb some of the cost.

Tents and Tables

We would greatly appreciate it if you could bring tables, chairs and tents for your use. BBQ Outfitters will have some tents for those who don't so if you are not able to bring these items, let us know and we can make them available to you. Each team will be given a 6' table.

Sampling and Recipes

Please count on providing 500-600 samples. Some teams do more. It would be greatly appreciated If you could provide a copy of your recipes for those who want to replicate your amazing concoctions.


We are doing a "secret taster" contest with 4 different teams winning a BGE mini max valued at $640. We will also be doing a one person, one vote crowd favorite. Each member of the winning crowd favorite team will get a Yeti Tumbler, an official Festival Hat and official Festival Koozie  (maximum 4 team members). Good luck to all teams!

Other info and requests

Camp Ben McCullough does offer camping. There are endless lodging opportunities in the Austin, San Antonio, and Hill Country areas. Book early as there’s lots of stuff happening that weekend. Not that we need to ask, but please conduct yourselves appropriately. We want you to have a good time, but keep in mind this is a very family friendly event. We’ll do a meet and greet on Friday the 27th. More info to follow.

Again, we can't wait to get this party started and can't wait to see each and every one of you!

Teams Participating

5 Tail pipes Casey Jones
Jeff Steele
Arron Palimater
Troy Bangs
Austin Bauer
Carnisaurus Tex Sammie Markham
Jeff Markham
Paul Miller
Ken Bigham
Ben Markham
Poppin Smoke Doug Owen
Bernadette Owen
Isabella Owen
Assets, Liabilities, and Egguity Tyler Carplang
Lee Vidal
Paul Glantz
David French
Kristian Voelkel
Smōk Chase Fishback
Brett Johnson
Cody Lester
Spencer Nowell
Billy Roosa
For the Love of the Flame Julius Camarillo
Aaron Elizardo
Miguel Perez
Matt McClure
Adrian Urquidi
Parrot Head Smokers Bill Stoetzel
Chuck Tully
David Troeger
David Gott
Fred Ramirez
Lost In The Sauce Brian Galvan
Paige Galvan
Courtney Huff
Jennifer Galvan
Mind If We Smoke? Christian Boyce
Dee Nickel-Kellogg
Dan Nickel-Kellog
Christina Corona
Jensen Kellogg
Jack Kellogg
SM Eggs BBQ Brandon Maldonado
Samantha Mangold
Ryan Standish
Trey Schrader
Sam Schrader
Smokin' Time Carol Smith
Steve Smith
Scott Hern
Alison Hern
3rd Verse BBQ Joe Rosales
Matt Garcia
Michael Garcia
Joe Rosales
Pablo Garcia
Bobbie Busha and the Waterboys Larry Busha
Pancho Busha
Greg Busha
Brad Dier
Cajuns Eat Roadkill Steve Harper
John Bennett
Jim Wiggs
Mark Reidl
2nd Hand Smoke Tyler Revel
Tiger Lester
John Ward
Houston Ward
Haley Revel
Kock-A-Doodle-Doo BBQ William Galvan
Theresa Galvan
Shawn Galvan
Yvonne Vivis
Not Just Another Piece of Meat Valerie Lunt
Mandy Barton
Katrina Stockwell
Judy Lunt
Sarah Lock
Bankhead's BBQ Darryle R. Bankhead
Donavon Butler
Darryle J. Bankhead
Zoria N. Bankhead
MOFO BBQ Justin Jones
Mike Blakesley
Lyle Eckert
Team Sanchez William
Cindi Sanchez
Huevos en Fuego Randy Cubriel
Brian Hill
John Jackson
Joe Esparza
Joe Gonzalez
Egg-cellent BBQ Michael Kader
Smoke N Products Braden Hood
Blake Bassett
Eggbeaters Nick Schneider
Up in Smoke Kyle Johnson
Sanay Bhirud
Kevin Parker
Jason Riley
Flying Pig Michael Hall
Rhonda Hall
Monica Dermot
Greg Davis
Grassfield Farm Avery Blanchard
Krisann Bendele
William Bendele
Ashley Gill
Fohn Bendele
Jana Bendele
Cheesy Schwetty Balls Neil Mendelson
Amy Neely
Tom Murray
Todd Williams