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Growing up in East Texas, John Henry has wonderful memories of summer picnics, county fairs and great barbeque. So East Texas flavor is what he had in mind when he created his award winning barbeque sauces, spices and rubs. His strive for perfection and superb taste are the concepts behind everything he does.

As head of the Culinary Services Department for the Houston Community College Systems, John taught the masterful art of cooking for twenty years. He oversaw the training for future chefs, cooks and caterers specializing in the preparation and application of spices, rubs and sauces. His students are nationally-acclaimed, award winning chefs who have taken Best of Show and numerous other awards at the Texas Restaurant Association Show held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. In addition to his many awards and degrees, John is certified as a culinary educator and executive chef.

John Henry is known nationally and internationally for his culinary expertise. In 1989, John was asked to personally handle the presidential inaugural dinner. He put together a team of 19 chefs that traveled to Washington and prepared barbecue for President Bush along with 20,000 guests attending the celebration. Later John was asked to accompany the president to Beijing China and prepare his Barbecue.


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A couple years ago my Dad got all excited about The Big Green Egg. He bought one for himself, one for my sister and one for me. Thanks Dad. And like most people, when I added charcoal and lit my grill I threw the cooking grate into my gas grill. However, when it rained I would pull the grill over to the kitchen door and I would lean the grate against the door jam. Well, I have two little helpers and three complete idiot dogs. That meant my cooking grate always ended up laying flat on the deck leaving a nice spot. After a few tries I came up with The Grate Rack, and Innovations By Chance was born. The light on my deck also leaves much to be desired and with no good light for kamado style grills I came up with one for myself. Since then I have created several variations of the racks and lights for different grills. I hope you will try my products and I hope you will enjoy them. If you have any suggestions they are always welcome. Thank you.

Lifetime Cutting Boards

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Lakeview Woodcrafting


Lakeview Woodcrafting is a family owned business with one simple philosophy,
we build it like it is going in our own home.

When we got our first Big Green Egg we knew immediately we wanted a table to give our egg a proper home.
This became a challenge that turned into a passion. We now call it our hobby that has gotten out of control. 
Sharing that passion with our customers is what makes our products a step above what you will find anywhere else.

Hill Country Outdoor Living

Hill Country Outdoor Living, LLC is Austin and San Antonio's premier go-to service for outside residential and commercial projects. Our team prides itself on custom stonework including patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, retaining walls, and much more. We also provide exceptional carpentry services including decking, pergolas, cabanas and fencing.

Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce


Smoke N Products

The Cuna "cradle" was created by two Egg Heads that wanted a better stand for their Big Green Egg.  Having used the nest and multiple wooden tables the quest began.  We had several non-negotiable items that we would not compromise:

  • Storage space to put our other accessories: grates, place setter, pizza stone, etc.  The ground and other random places had run its course after breaking several place setters.  
  • Large prep tables that would fit a pan without hanging over the edge.  The five second rule doesn't have to come into play anymore.  The tables are made of Stainless Steel so they do not absorb grease like the wooden tables and are very easy to clean.
  • An ash tray that is easily accessible and can handle hot ash when we forgot to clean everything out before we lit the fire. 
  • A sturdy frame with larger wheels so we can move across uneven terrain
  • Although we believe this will be the last time you have to put your egg in a stand, we made one that is extremely easy.  The base is completely assembled (with wheels) when you receive it.  You will place your Green Egg on the base, slide in your front stabilizing bars, back stabilizing bars and secure with 4 bolts.  The shelves slide over the round tubing and lock in with a pin.  You then slide in the ash tray, place your storage grate and you are ready to go.

The Chef Nut Seasonings

Become a vendor

It’s time for the 2018 BBQ Outfitter’s, Texas Eggfest, Food and Music Festival! BBQ Outfitters would love to invite you be a vendor at this year’s event. The Texas Eggfest is on April 28th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Vendors are encouraged to show up either April 27th between 12pm and 6pm or April 28th between 7am and 8am for booth set-up. We are asking for a $250 donation to the organizations that Texas EGGfest supports as a booth fee. You are more than welcome to sell your products and join in the festivities. You are required to bring your own equipment to set up (tent, booth, tables, etc.) It is your choice on whether you want to cook or not, but it would probably sell your product better if you do. And, as you are well aware, it is always neat to have some freebies or sample

For detailed information on being a vendor and available space please contact MUELLER/SCOTT Concepts, or call 512-956-9559